Installing the Anaconda nightly build

In order to install the nightly build of the Python Anaconda packages.

Load browse to section 6 at the bottom of the page:

- select 32/64 bit directory
- select the latest experimental package, for Python 2.7 this is python-libsbml-experimental-5.15.1-py27_0.tar.bz2
- save it to a local directory

Install the package locally with (in the same directory as the downloaded file)::

 conda install python-libsbml-experimental-5.15.1-py27_0.tar.bz2

If you get an error something like:

CondaError: Cannot link a source that does not exist. C:\Anaconda\pkgs\python-libsbml-experimental-5.15.1-py27_0\Lib\site-packages\libsbml\__init__.pyc

Don’t worry this is an Anaconda issue. Fortunately there is a simple workaround, change to the directory shown in the error, in the above case:


and copy to __init__.pyc and rerun the installer:

conda install python-libsbml-experimental-5.15.1-py27_0.tar.bz2

and you should be good to go. An alternative to the above installation is to simply overwrite your installed libSBML with the one in the downloaded archive.

Either way, if your installation is successful you should be able to do the following:

In [1]: import libsbml as sb
In [3]: D = sb.readSBMLFromFile('arrays1.xml')
In [4]: M = D.getModel()
In [5]: M.getSpecies(0).getPlugin('arrays').getListOfDimensions()[0].getSize()
Out[5]: 'n'

This is the output after I used the first method described to install into a custom anaconda environment.